Crystal clear broadcasting  


Taking to the stage or to the world? With high-quality live broadcast services you don’t have to choose. Why limit yourself to one location or a small venue when you can spread the magic everywhere through electronic devices? The visual and sound technicians of FlyAway are at your service. As is our AV equipment.

Flex OB Van

Our Flex Van is the ideal solution for any outdoor broadcast. The OB Van facilitates top of the line video and audio monitoring. The comfortable interior, including air-conditioning, keeps your AV engineers on top of their game. To push the right buttons and make perfect transitions at all times.

Broadcast flight packs

Depending on your broadcasting preferences, we add camera’s to the technical set-up. With 3 different flight packs we offer multi-camera solutions with up to 10 camera’s. To get an approach on your subject from every angle, without missing the details of the moment. Fully tailored to meet your exact specifications.